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PDB Road salt - bucket - 7.5kg (Mega Discount)

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Strooizout PDB Road salt - bucket - 7.5kg (Mega Discount)
Product description

PDB Road salt - bucket - 7.5kg (Mega Discount)

Prevent accidents and falls and make your sidewalk safe with this professional road salt.

Road salt lowers the freezing point of water. The salt mixes with the water present to form brine. Because brine has a lower freezing point than water, it is less likely to freeze, resulting in less slipperiness. 

In addition, road salt also has an effect when it is not freezing. Pouring water with road salt over the sidewalk in spring or summer reduces weed growth between the stones or tiles!

PDB Cleaning Solutions' road salt has a fast action and makes sidewalk and road passable in no time. 

Instructions for use
Winter: Pour the road salt into a dry bucket or container. Take a handful of salt each time and spread it evenly over the surface you want to make ice free. 

Summer: Take a handful of salt and dissolve it in water. Pour this over the sidewalk you want weed-free.

When to grit in winter
To prevent or eliminate the dangers of slipperiness, you can grit at different times:

Preventive gritting: when the weather forecast turns bad, you can grit preventively to counteract the first slipperiness. If temperatures do not get too low and precipitation remains limited, preventive gritting is often enough. By spreading the sensitive surfaces preventively, snow and sleet have less chance to adhere to the surface.
Curative gritting: gritting from the moment the snow or sleet has started, with the aim of keeping the surface passable or making it passable again as soon as possible.
Repressive gritting: gritting after it has already become slippery. For future precipitation, this also has a preventive effect.

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4.6 / 5Based on 12 reviews
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Emiel K. on 15 June 2024
    Snelle verzending Strooizout.....ook handig tegen onkruid
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Gerda C. on 7 June 2024
    Super voor mn onkruid
  • 4 / 5
    Posted by: Riky K. on 4 June 2024
    ik gebruik het voor onkruid te verdelgen
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Strooizout PDB Road salt - bucket - 7.5kg (Mega Discount)
StrooizoutPDB Road salt - bucket - 7.5kg (Mega Discount)
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